There was a me in me who died

Last night I was thinking about how much I have changed over the past few years. I saw myself in the mirror and I could not recognize that stranger looking back at me. It is said that if you look at yourself in the mirror long enough, you’ll start seeing someone else. I didn’t have to look that long though.



We all change over the years but funny as it is people say people never change, so what the hell!? What is the truth?

I believe that we are born with our own identity. We may be influenced by our family and friends as we grow up, but we are who we are and no one can change that.

I think our identity is what doesn’t change about us, we might change our taste in music, fashion or even people but we keep our «self» untouched.

It is only when we are faced with true life adversities or really intense eye-opening experiences, that we are offered the opportunity of real change. That very rare occasion when life actually gives us a slap in the face and offers the chance to see beyond our own eyes.

«Soon, we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy» – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

When the time comes to make a choice between what we have been doing up until now or take a different path, we are taking a test of life. It is very easy to keep doing the same things, to remain in our comfort zone, I mean we are used to it, we know how to do it.


How much have you changed?

The real challenge in life, the real test, is accepting that the way you are doing things is not working well for you and has led you to a situation where you could either learn and change or just stand up and shake it off, but keep going the same way.

If you had an intense experience and decided to do things differently maybe at some point you might feel you don’t know what you are doing or who you really are, but that’s ok, you are on your way to find that out.

For example, once I found myself having one of the greatest experiences of my life and realised that was what I really wanted. I had never gone out of my comfort zone because I was too afraid but when tried it just for fun it opened my eyes.

It doesn’t have to be a bad experience the one that changes you, it only has to open your eyes and widen your mind a little bit, just enough to give you that push.


Life is a journey, not a destination.

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can lead you to feel insecure, lost and disconnected. Mostly because it is like moving out of your hometown to live in a different country, where you barely speak the language.

Looks hard, but not impossible. Life will put you in very uncomfortable situations every now and then just to give you the chance to make the right choice.

You are here to enjoy the ride, you don’t know where you are going or when the ride is going to end, but as long as you are on it, you should make the best of it.


Let’s go back in the mirror

Go back to that mirror and look at yourself, do you see that kid anymore? do you see that same person you were five or six years ago? Probably not, because life has changed you.

Life has changed you with the little things as well as with the big things, so you might not like Britney Spears anymore or maybe you don’t like dogs more than cats because now you believe cats are less needy (LOL that’s all me).

In the end we are all constantly changing, we are having little and big experiences that make us decide which way to go (even with dairy, OMG!). I do believe people can change, but only if they want to.

The important thing is to give ourselves a little time every now and then to make an introspection, like: «Hey Mel, I know it’s been hard for you but hang in there! By the way, saw that thing you did with that, nice shot, well done, keep going!”

Now days, we live so fast that we can barely realise where we are standing. I belive it is important to keep our inner self connected with our outer self, so that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we know who that is.


So, there was a me in me who died, but he’s not really dead, he was just reborn.

Like the Fenix in Harry Potter! LOL


BTW, if you find any grammar or spelling mistakes please let me know, I’m starting to write in english.


Photography: Ian Arneson Flickr

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