Mel Mnrz

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México. At Sunset.
Life through my camera lens
My personal path to photography

Perspective is the first word that came to mind when I tried writing about photography; by thinking about it now, it makes sense how sharing my perspective has always been important to me. Since I can recall every new experience is always so exciting to me that it has to be shared, sometimes even repeated.

One of the things I had to spare as an only child was time. The perception of time when you are a kid is very different, seems endless. When I was not outside playing with my friends I had so much time to create; my home was my adventure, my space, my studio.

My true self always knew there was something more in life than a 9 to 5 job, I think life has the particularity to make you feel uncomfortable when you have to make a change. Deep within there was a voice presenting me with answers, trying to be heard above all of the others. That dreamy child managed to survive all this long to remind me what I truly wanted, what I really loved to do.

All this time and without even noticing some of my life decisions were taking me this way, it was as if my true self was trying to come outside and take control, to set aside all those voices of fear and just focus on the one that would take me along this path. I have come to understand that if you don’t really love what you do whatever you get from it would never be enough, you can’t put a price on time.

When I go through my Instagram profile I can see how much I have evolved in terms of style and knowledge, however, looking back also makes me relive all those experiences and what I’ve learnt from them so far, that gives me the feeling of growth. I dedicated time and effort to my photos to remember how much I’ve done, how many places I have visited and all of the amazing experiences I’ve had. By looking at all of those pictures in chronological order one can only feel thankful, talk about good therapy.

Photography is creating art out of experiences, it is so emotional and deep that a photo can have an important meaning in anyone’s life, it can be a beautiful memory or a powerful message, some can take you back and some can change the future; what a fulfilling way to spend my time.

To me life is measured in experiences rather than years, using my perspective to create photographs is what I love to do.

Life is the universe’s way to experience itself, photography is how we document the experience.
Mel Mnrz